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Body Toolz - CS7005 Titanium Stork Scissor

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Stork Scissor Titanium

High Quality Titaniums Stork Scissor is used for china silk, embroidery and nailwraps. This blade is sharp and cuts the entire length of the blade. Extremely attractive and cuts everytime. Titanium is extremely hard and will not dull.

Extra-sharp fine tip straight blade for trimming cuticle and ragged hangnails with precision. Ergonomic handles. Cuts silk, linen and fiberglass

Directions For Use

Soak fingertips in warm water to soften cuticles. Push back cuticles then use scissor to trim dead skin. Use caution when cutting cuticle not to trim or cut live cuticles. Points  are extremely sharp.

Care Instructions

Remove all debris and clean with alcohol. Keep dry.