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Body Toolz - CS5065 Eyelash Applicator & Eyelash Comb

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False Eyelash Applicator

One of a kind eyelash applicator and tweezer that has a unique curved shape to easily apply false eyelashes. Brow comb to help blend lashes together.

Directions For Use

Using the tip of the applicator, remove lashes from tray. Apply glue, wait for it to be come tacky. Hold lashes between curvex ends and position false above your own lash line. Use comb to blend and gently push lashes. Clean tweezer after each use removing hard dry glue.

  • Apply False Eyelashes With Ease & Precision
  • Curved End for Applying Lashes
  • Comb Helps Blend and Separate Lases
  • Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

Remove all debris and clean with alcohol. keep dry.