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Nail Harmony - Prohesion Nail Sculpting Powder - Crystal Clear 23.28oz

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ProHesion Acrylic Crystal Clear - Nail Sculpting Powder

TENERS are perfectly matched with Prohesion Nail Sculpting Liquid to enhance the tones of the color select powders. Whites are whiter, clears are clearer.

UV STABILIZED - Incorporates UV stabilizers that work to eliminate discoloration between applications providing a more color stable product


Cross Link Technology allows strength and durability for the client while still maintaining the ability to self-level in application for the technician. This helps reduce filing time. ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powders are co-polymers, which gives added strength to the nails utilizing methyl methacrylate in the powders.


Combine with Prohesion Nail Sculpting Liquid for best performance. The traditional ratio for application is 2 to 1, however the chemical composition allows for ratio variance due to temperature variations. Be sure to apply acrylic nails to a properly prepared nail plate with Ph Bond and ProBond applied prior to application.

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