Spa Redi Pedi Spa Cleaner

Spa Redi Pedi Spa Cleaner

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PEDI SPA CLEANER is a blend of selected surfactant and cleaners that gently emulsify and remove scum line, dirt, oil, and gre3ase from whirlpool SPAs. It Can be diluted to safely clean plastic, wood, vinyl, upholstery, ets. or use concentrated to clean and degrease heavy soiled areas.

DIRECTIONS: Protect hands with gloves, then use a cloth brush or sponge to clean SPA surfaces. Use full Strength: to clean greasiest TUB areas. Dilute 8 oz per gallon to wipe clean fiberglass, acrylic and composites surfaces. Dilute 4 oz per gallon to clean vinyl, plastic, wood and spa trim surfaces. Rinse with water. Wipe it clean to a shine.

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