Beauty Lash - Tinting Kit for Blows & Lashes

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Product description 

BeautyLash Brow Tint Kit 

BeautyLash Tinting Kit tints eyelashes and eyebrows draw attention to your eyes without appearing artificial. Eyelashes are longer and eyebrows are being enhanced and receive a clear and defined outline. Grey or white hair is covered up completely and shine in new, fresh colour. The new 2-step tinting system makes it possible to tint eyelashes and eyebrows on your own in only 2 steps. The colour lasts up to 6 Refectocilweeks and is smudge and water resistant!

Make sure to thouroughly cleanse eylashes and brows from oil, dead skin, mascara and lotion prior to use.


1 tube Colour Gel - 3.5ml
1 tube Developer Gel - 3.5ml
1 Application Stick
1 Tinting Brush
16 Eye Protection Papers